Since 2005, Honeycourt has been helping businesses to implement International Trade solutions with electronic messaging, enabling them to reap the benefits of “straight-through” import and export processes, meet legal requirements, and keep ahead of the competition.

Honeycourt is an independent consulting company specialising in technology for International Trade. The company is UK-based, but has expertise in many countries and regions. We have experience of a wide range of industries, including food & drink, electronics, footwear, aerospace, automotive and commodities.

Services and Solutions

We can assist with all aspects of international trade, but our primary focus is on the technology which supports it. Importantly, we understand the electronic data transmission requirements which are increasingly becoming an obligatory part of the trading world. In terms of processes, our offerings span the following two main areas:-

Consulting – we understand customs processes and the associated messaging & reporting requirements. We can provide guidance and/or training on those and other aspects of international trade according to your requirements. We have knowledge and experience of the customs authority requirements in many countries, but will research and enquire as necessary to make sure that our advice is correct and in keeping with the relevant regulations.

Implementation – we can help with message mapping, interface design, data cleansing & migration, and many other aspects of project implementation. In SAP landscapes, we can also carry out additional coding if necessary, and optimise configuration and user settings to ensure that your agreed international trade processes run smoothly and efficiently to meet both your business and legal requirements.